We have a variety of warehouse rental services, including CFS, bonded warehouse, cold storage... and the warehouses that WinWin Log is signing a contract with are equipped with 24/24 surveillance camera system. Goods stored in the warehouses will be safe, have adequate fire protection system and comply with standards.
When using WinWin Log's warehousing service, customers will be benefited from following services:
- Management services for export - import and storage of goods.
- Transportation service to deliver goods to the final buyer.
- Periodic checking inventory service.
- Service of arranging and dismantling goods in and out of the warehouse.
- Standard packaging service.
- Service of counting goods, analyzing, and making predictions about the status of import and export according to each type of goods to help partners plan properly.
With that warehouse system, WinWin Log is also performing retail consolidation services at the same time.
As a consolidator (Consolidator), WinWin Log together with a system of reputable agents in the world provide services of transporting retail goods for export and import directly between Vietnam's main seaports and other major seaports. main ports in Asia (Japan, Korea, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Indonesia, Philippines...), Europe (Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, UK, France, Italy, Spain...), Australia, United States and vice versa.