With a developed economy now, e-commerce is booming and plays a very important role. The sale of goods online can not bypass the traditional transport. Therefore, e-commerce wants to develop strong, indispensable logistics services and quality delivery.

Based on the characteristics and characteristics of the product, it is possible to divide the product into two groups. The first group is digitally visible intangible products, such as music, computer software, online games ... The second group are tangible, weighted and volume products, not numbers. Chemical, such as automobiles, refrigerators, clothes, computers, etc. Logistics and delivery services are a key link to the online sale of tangible products.
The need to improve the efficiency of logistics services and delivery support e-commerce
E-commerce in Vietnam has been established since the early 2000s and has developed rapidly in recent years.
Every year, the Vietnam E-commerce Association in cooperation with the E-commerce and Information Technology Agency conducts surveys on enterprises and subjects related to e-commerce nationwide. In the last decade, major difficulties affecting the development of e-commerce have been legal infrastructure, IT and Internet infrastructure and human resources. From 2011 up to now, the survey results show that logistics and delivery services in Vietnam, despite their rapid development, have not met the demand of e-commerce.
The rapid development of the Internet in Vietnam in recent years has created a momentum for the rapid development of digitized online shopping. However, for merchandise that is tangible, whether the product search, contract conclusion, payment ... can be made online, but the stage of delivery from the manufacturer to the person. Consumption is ultimately tied to logistics and delivery.
The high cost of logistics and delivery services in the online selling price of tangible products is one of the factors that lead to online purchase prices that are not significantly lower than those purchased through traditional methods. . At the same time, the quality of delivery service is not high. According to a survey by the E-commerce and Information Technology Agency in 2013 about the obstacles in online shopping, up to 40% of consumers said online purchase price is not lower than direct purchase. On the one hand, many e-commerce businesses have to launch their own delivery service. On the other hand, consumers are concerned about the delivery time is not committed properly, difficult to trace or return the goods purchased. According to the survey, 38% of consumers rated the delivery and delivery services as weak. This is one of the reasons leading to online shopping has not really appealed to consumers.
Improve the efficiency of logistics and delivery services to support the development of e-commerce
Online merchandising of tangible products closely linked to delivery services as well as logistics services.
Delivery enterprises should focus on modernization of management and equipment, especially to promote information technology application, strengthen linkage with enterprises in the same field as well as to logistics enterprises. . At the same time, the delivery companies also need to actively cooperate with e-commerce businesses, determine the market share of e-commerce will occupy an increasing share in the operation of enterprises.
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State management agencies should carry out investigative activities and survey forward to have reliable statistics on logistics and delivery services. In addition to the legal documents regulating the conditions for trading these two types of services, there should be market forecasts, policies and incentives. Logistics and delivery services are not only related to the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Ministry of Information and Communications, but also to other ministries such as the Ministry of Transport (transport, loading and unloading), the Ministry of Finance Customs, tax) or the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (warehouses). Therefore, the coordination among ministries in issuing policies and solutions to promote the development of these two services is important.
E-commerce, logistics, delivery, transportation ... as well as local state and local trade management agencies should also implement activities that promote linkages. Business between businesses.