WinWin Logistics JSC copyright policy is established in conjunction with these terms of use. The customer commits not to violate the use, copy or distribution of any content, information related to or stated in the terms of use or copyright policy of WinWin Logistics JSC.
1. Customer acknowledges and agrees that all documents, information and content including logos, trademarks, trademarks, icons, text, images, software, products, data, translation Services, the Website interface and other intellectual property properties published by WinWin Logistics JSC on the Website, the Application as well as the Terms of Use (collectively, the “Information”) are the intellectual property of the Company. owned by WinWin Logistics JSC and protected by the Intellectual Property Law of Vietnam.WinWin Logistics JSC reserves the right to license the access to information of the Portal in accordance with these Terms.
2. The Customer is not permitted to use, copy the Information or create derivatives of the Information onto any medium, website or any other facility without the prior written consent of the Customer. of WinWin Logistics JSC.
In the event that a copyright infringement occurs, WinWin Logistics JSC has the right (not the obligation) to take one of the following measures to protect its interests:
1. Send written/email notice to Customer, Customer information has been infringed on copyright about the use, copying or distribution of Information under intellectual property rights of WinWin Logistics JSC. Within twenty-four (24) hours from the time of receiving the notice of WinWin Logistics JSC, by any action or method, the Customer must immediately cease this act of copyright infringement.
2. File a lawsuit at a competent state agency. In this case, the Customer must pay all costs related to the lawsuit, including but not limited to court fees, compensation for all damages.
These terms and conditions ("Terms of Use") apply to the Customer's access to and use of the service set up on the WinWin Logistics JSC software system exclusively for mobile phones with equipment internet and website Bal.com.vn (“WinWin Logistics JSC Application”), as well as all information and policies provided to Customers on WinWin Logistics JSC.
1. Services on WinWin Logistics JSC
WinWin Logistics JSC provides information and facilities provided by a third party (“Service Provider”) to perform intra-city, inter-provincial, flower transportation services… (“Services”) ) requested by the Customer (“Customer Using the Shipping Service”) through the WinWin Logistics JSC Application on a mobile phone with internet connection that has been downloaded and installed by the Customer for use or accessed by the Customer. website Bal.com.vn
2. Conditions for participating in the transaction
1. Customers participating in transactions must meet the following conditions (i) being 18 years of age or older, (ii) having full civil act capacity as prescribed by law. The Client is not allowed to participate in the transaction in case the above conditions are not met, unless the Client's direct guardian school agrees and participates.
2. To be able to create a request on the WinWin Logistics JSC Application, the Customer needs to download the WinWin Logistics JSC application software on the WinWin Logistics JSC Website and app store or visit the website www.Bal.com.vn and register an account by providing personal information, mobile phone number . After completing the provision of information, WinWin Logistics JSC will provide the Customer with a personal account so that the Customer can access and manage its transaction process ("Account").
3. Customers are responsible before the law for all the information they declare to create an account on the WinWin Logistics JSC Application. In any case, WinWin Logistics JSC has the right to verify the information that the Customer has provided, but it does not mean that WinWin Logistics JSC can guarantee that the information that the Customer has declared is correct. WinWin Logistics JSC will not handle Customer's complaints in case Customer incorrectly declares the information that WinWin Logistics JSC requires when registering.
3. Service Contract between the Parties
1. The Service Contract between WinWin Logistics JSC and the Customer is established when the Customer creates an Account on the WinWin Logistics JSC Application following the above steps.
2. The Service Contract between the Customer Using the Shipping Service and the Shipping Service Provider is created through the Customer Using the Shipping Service creating a request to provide the Service on the WinWin Application Logistics JSC (“Request”) and is deemed to have signed as soon as the Customer receives an acceptance response from the Customer Provide