Shipping by sea is one of the most common bulk cargoes. Although the development of public transport has brought more and more choices for customers requiring international shipping, however, ocean freight is still widely used. Learn about this type and some tips to know when to choose?

Advantages of International Shipping by Sea:

International shipping services are often used for heavy goods, most conventional means of transportation are difficult to meet. Shipping is much longer than other methods, but it still has some advantages for many.

- Use different means of transport at sea to bring goods to the place of receipt
- Smooth handling, the appearance of collision, transport less damaged, suitable for fragile items, large items, difficult to transport due to bulky
- Transport large volumes at cheaper prices than other means
- International shipping is also available in two forms for customers to choose from: conventional and express delivery

What are the considerations for international shipping by sea?

When shipping international goods by sea, you need to keep in mind some of the following issues to avoid unexpected problems. First, it is strictly forbidden to transport prohibited items such as opium, animals and other rare animal products. The goods entered into the container are inspected by the carrier for easy detection of prohibited goods.

Second, when you sign a contract of international shipping by sea, you will be responsible for all goods before the law.

Third, check the information in the contract, if necessary to buy insurance goods to avoid the condition of damaged goods, problems arising from the carrier.

Finally, it is necessary to provide advance advice on the cost of shipping international goods. You can contact directly through the Hotline or compare the prices of the carriers to find the best choice for you.