As an experienced air freight forwarder with a dynamic network of agents covering the entire globe, with extensive experience in freight forwarding and a reliable partner of international airlines, WinWin Log has the most favorable conditions to provide customers with high quality air freight forwarding services from Vietnam to international airports around the world and vice versa.
WinWin Log is currently a freight agent and has transportation contracts with many major airlines in the world with high flight frequency, large payload and flies to most international airports in the world with: Singapore Airlines, Japan Airlines, China Airlines, Thai Airways, Eva Air, Korean Airlines, Lufthansa Airlines, Air France, Cargolux, Vietnam Airlines, etc.
For specific orders that have stricter requirements on costs as well as shipping time, in addition to the usual way of transporting goods by air, WinWin Log also provides multimodal transportation services. combine sea with air, air with air through transshipment ports/airports in Singapore and Dubai.
We can also undertake a variety of services and packages from the shipper's warehouse to the airport or the recipient's warehouse according to the delivery conditions: Airport-Airport, Door-Airport, Airport-Door, Door-Door along with supporting services: Customs broker, cargo insurance, providing certificates of origin, veterinary certificate, phytosanitary certificates, wooden bales, fumigation...